Top 7 Souvenirs to Buy from Jaipur

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Jaipur is known as traveler’s paradise. A visit to pink city is going to be incomplete without collecting some Indian souvenirs for you and loved ones. We are going to tell you some of best keepsakes you can buy as you travel to explore the beauty of the city. We are writing about popular Jaipur handmade items you can buy as memorabilia. The market is full of Chinese products; these tips will ensure that you don’t end up buying something that is not made in India. Here is the list of top 7 souvenirs to buy from Jaipur. 


Blue Pottery
Blue Pottery

If you are travelling to Jaipur, Rajasthan, don’t forget to take a look at the Blue Pottery. It is the traditional craft of Jaipur, made by mixing quartz, glaze and a unique kind of clay known as Multaini Mitti. The blue glaze is given to it by using Copper oxide. The motifs you will find on Jaipur Blue pottery are flowers, birds, animals and art inspired from Mughal era. The stunning product range includes flower vases, trays, plates, coffee mug, bowl and lot of small items that you can easily carry in luggage on the way back home. Price is another factor that weighs the scale completely in favor of these arty pieces. The Blue Pottery is extremely affordable and durable. The price starts as low as 100 INR. Don’t forget to buy few of these passionately designed and artistically made blue potteries for your family and friends. Believe us, they will love it. 


Hand Block Print

Jaipuri Bedsheets are famous for eye-catching designs, eco-friendly printing technique and affordable price. Sanganeri Bedsheets and Bagru Print Bedsheets are two of the most popular bed linen from Jaipur. These are printed using plant based dyes on a cotton fabric using centuries old block printing technique.  The main difference between the two is the fact that Sanganeri print is done on a white background while Indigo/dyed background is used for Bagru print. Generally, motifs on these sheeting are inspired from nature and history. Both these bed linen have huge global demand and is exported to every nook and corner of the world. The price range starts from 250 to 2500 INR hence make it a classy keepsake. 


Jaipur Quilt Reversible

Jaipur Rajais are ideal souvenir and perfect companion for your winter.  These are handmade quilts with eye-catching designs.  It has got its name from its city of origin Jaipur and the word “Rajai” stands for quilt. The weight of the comforter is around 2.1 pounds which makes it extremely light and easy to carry.  The hand block print designs give it a gracious touch of elegance. The price starts from 1500 to 3500 INR. If you are planning to get Indian souvenir that is spectacular and useful then go for Jaipuri Quilts. 


Jaipur Carpet Rugs
Jaipur Carpet Rugs

The pink city is famous for its carpets. It is one of the most exported handmade products from India. Jaipuri Carpets comes up as a classy choice for homes, offices, hotels, showroom etc. Its beauty can be judged from the fact that it completely transforms the place with its exquisiteness and sophistication. The carpet weaving in Jaipur dates back to Mughal era. Earlier the motifs were inspired by nature and Mughal dynasty. The motifs have evolved with time. Nowadays you will come across rugs that are beautiful fusion of contemporary and modern design. Rugs illustrating tribal life are extremely popular. When it comes to material you can choose carpets made from Wool, Silk, Jute, Cotton etc. It is also available in variety of sizes, so you can choose it according to your need. The price depends on the size, material used and weaving technique.  The price starts from 500 INR and goes to Lakhs. 


Jaipur Mojari Jutti

Jaipur is famous for handmade footwear known as Mojaris and Juttis in native language. They form an integral part of the ethnic Rajasthani attire. Soft leather is used for making them. Further, they are decorated using embellishments like beads and colorful stones. A common characteristic of Jaipur Mojaris is the fine embroidery. The price of these varies from 500 INR to 2500 INR.  Make sure it is on your must buy list and don’t be surprised if people come and ask you where you got these from. 


Jaipur Jewelry

Jaipur is known for its ethnic jewelry. It is a beautiful fusion of traditional design and artistry. Thewa, Kundan and Meenakari are some of the popular kinds of jewelry styles. Generally, gold and silver are used for making them. Further, they are decorated using semi precious and precious gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphire etc which increases the beauty of jewelry manifolds. These jewels come up as a great choice for occasion like wedding, engagement and festivals. Exquisite and opulent makes these a prefect souvenir for someone special in your life.


Jaipur Painting

The Jaipur paintings have created a niche for itself in the hearts of arts lovers around the world with its classy depiction of folk tales, literature, festivals, music and traditions of Rajasthan. Jaipur’s miniature painting is another prominent style that depicts love of Lord Radha & Krishana. All paintings are made using natural colors. The cost of painting starts from few 1000 rupees and goes to lakhs.  If you are an art lover then there cannot be better souvenir then Jaipur paintings. It is one investment that you will cherish for life. 


Since, you are visiting Jaipur, it is good to buy from the local market otherwise you already have the option of buying it from reliable e-commerce portal.  The advantage of buying from online furnishing store is that it will get delivered at your home. It will save you from carrying it wherever you go. Hope, these tips will help you get a beautiful and affordable souvenir from Jaipur. In case, if you still have any query or question regarding Indian handicrafts, traditional Indian attire or tourism then feel free to drop us a mail at; happy to help as we believe in the philosophy of “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means “The Guest is God”.

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